We offer installation for all the products we sell. Some products have free installation and others have a charge, pricing is listed in the description of each product. Installs can take 10 minutes or 4 hours depending on what we are installing.

We are available for installs Monday thru Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. Email or call before you come in and we can let you know our availability. We also have appointments available if you would like to schedule your install a couple of days in advance. You can drop off the vehicle or wait on it in our waiting area (we have TV and Wi-Fi available).

We have a climate controlled install bay with great lighting at same location we prep the orders at. It is helpful to wash your car the day of or day before the install. Once you arrive we will detail the install to remove bugs, dust, dirt, oil, wax, etc. If the weather does not cooperate the day of your install that is not a problem, we can clean the install area and make our install bay an ideal temperature. Your car will be ready to drive home when we are done with the install. We recommend not washing your car for 3 to 5 days after the install, but rain is ok.

If you would prefer to install the products yourself we include instructions with all products and can answer any questions by phone or email (email on weekends). We also have some install videos for some of our products on the Video page. In the description we list the difficulty by one of three descriptions. Easier Install - this is something someone with very limited experience can do successfully following the instructions. Experienced Install - With these products you will have a better outcome if you have done vinyl installs before. Professional Install - These products can be tricky even for someone that has limited experience, not as difficult for someone that installs automotive vinyl in their job thou. We recommend checking with body shops for professional install, most shops install vinyl on a regular basis during collision repair.