2016-21 Camaro LED License Plate Lights

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Product Includes:
Two bulbs
  • 2016-21 Camaro LED License Plate Lights
  • 2016-21 Camaro LED License Plate Lights
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From GM the license plate bulbs on 2016-21 Camaros are incandescent, lighting up in a yellowish color. Higher end luxury cars use LED bulbs to illuminate the license plate with modern, cool white light. By changing your license plate bulbs to LED, you can easily add this luxury look to your 2016-21 Camaro! The installation is 100% plug-and-play, just replace your factory bulb. Cool White recommended for on-road cars. These bulbs fit all 2016-21 Camaros.

There are two different bulbs available, both have 3 year warranty:
Diode Dynamics HP3 - Almost twice as bright as stock, cool white output - 56 lumens 
Diode Dynamics HP5 - Three times the brightness as stock and has a better diffuser for more even forward and side lighting. Best light output of a 194 size bulb available. 92 lumens

Product Includes: LED bulbs for both license plate lights

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